Thursday, October 26, 2017


Every Wednesday we practice Cosmic Kids yoga. Yoga helps kids:
develop body awareness
build concentration
feel part of a healthy, non-competitive group
blends exercise into our classroom

 At the end of our apple unit, we tasted red, yellow and green apples. The children also cut apples and helped make applesauce.

 Stacking Apples. Building our number sense!

 We used this an as introduction to centers activity. The children had to match their uppercase letter magnets to the lowercase letter mat.
 Ipad Center. This is the Starfall app. A few other apps used in the classroom include:
Adding Apples
Little writer's app
Starfall Numbers
Montessori Cat (CVC words)
RAZ Kids
Noah's Ark

 Roll and cover. We do a lot of these! Some more advanced one include rolling two dice, adding the number and dabbing the sum.

 Imagination Playground!

 Shared Reading. 
It is NOT an expectation for the children to read this type of text independently. We used this particular book to read a nonfiction text to learn more about bats, practice recognizing and highlighting "bats" within a text, and prepare for an informational writing piece on bats.


Five Senses.
We took a trip outside to gather a leaf to investigate. Using our five senses, we took a deeper look at a leaf and made some interesting discoveries!

 Smelling our leaves!

Listening to our leaves!

 PRETENDING to taste our leaves! We made predictions about what a leaf MIGHT taste like!

Feeling our leaves. Are they smooth or rough?

 Looking at our leaves. We also took a close look with a magnifying glass.

 STREAM: Design your own pumpkin maze and challenge a friend to get the pom pom ball through the maze!